We love old WW Bulli’s, and lots of people as well, so couple of us decided to share this feeling with others…..and of course we would like to gain more fans... This programmes we offer were planned from spring till late autumn mainly for couples, families, and for tiny little groups because our little van can take only small amount of people for a ride. We focus on sightseeing tours, weddings, transfers, and for special events... you can rent us out with a driver.

About „Szambi” the van

„Szambi” was born in the late 1963’s, her original „little young heart” originates from Mexico and 20 years younger than herself. To make her lovely and adorable, we started to work from 2001 till 2005. We started first with the metal bits, than carried on with the colouring and then we prepared the interiors, of course afterwards a complete structural redesign. It's ready to rock'n roll!



We organise sightseeing tours in 2-3-4 hours in german and english language.


We organise for couples and familie members to transfer them to the given places.

Transfers / Parties / Exhibitions

Please contact us!

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